Nouvelles plantations à Argens, canal du Midi

Help replant the Canal du Midi

The Canal du Midi is an exceptional architectural treasure, recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but today, the canal's plane trees are infected with canker stain and this is a threat to the biodiversity of the waterway. We need your help to save this priceless cultural and ecological heritage.
Together, we can plant new tree species for future generations.

Canker stain is an incurable disease and is infecting the canal trees

Since this contamination was first noticed on the Canal du Midi in 2006, the plane trees along the banks have been attacked by a very contagious fungus (ceratocystis platani) that can kill a tree in just a few months.

There is only one solution to stop the spread of this disease and that is to fell and incinerate the dead or infected trees, and plant new tree species.

Practical measures to protect the Canal du Midi 

Thanks to the generosity of thousands of donors, we have already replanted 18,000 trees, restored 65 km of banks and set up 1,350 nest boxes. We still have a lot to do to protect this place full of life and biodiversity that concerns us all.

Make a donation online or by cheque

Online donations

In making a donation, you are playing a part in restoring life to the exceptional Canal du Midi heritage site and its precious ecosystem.

Make a donation online

Balade familiale le long du canal du Midi

Balade familiale © VNF, Vianney Gomma

Donations by cheque

You can also send a cheque in euros, payable to Mission Mécénat VNF, to the following address:

VNF, service mécénat
2 port Saint-Etienne, BP 7204 
31073 Toulouse Cedex 7 

Tax benefits for donations (French residents)
In making a donation to Voies Navigables de France (VNF), you are eligible for a tax reduction of 66% of the amount donated. Therefore, a donation of €150 will only actually cost you €51.

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