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Exploring the Canal du Midi by bike is a great way to experience this exceptional waterway. Through the villages steeped in history and past iconic engineering structures, a truly unique experience awaits you. If you're feeling particularly brave, why not take on the age-old dream of cycling from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean?

Explore the Canal du Midi by bike:
a unique adventure

The ancient towpaths have been transformed

The boats sailing along the Canal du Midi were initially tugged along by horses on the towpaths. The towpaths that run alongside the banks have been transformed and are now suitable for cyclists, pedestrians and other users.

The work to transform the towpaths into cycle paths is close to completion. Almost the entire route between Toulouse and Agde now boasts a smooth and stable path!

Cycle from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, alone or as a family

The Canal des Deux Mers is a unique route to follow, through exceptional natural scenery. It is possible to follow the cycle path between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.

Across the 750 km route, you'll be cycling alongside the water: along the Gironde estuary, the Canal de Garonne and the Canal du Midi, with UNESCO World Heritage status.

Step by step, you'll be able to admire the diverse, beautiful scenery and explore some of the iconic, historic must-sees of the Canal du Midi.

Alone or with your family, this is an experience you will remember for a very long time!

The Canal des Deux Mers by bike:
750 km from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean

How much time will you need for your cycling trip?

A cycling getaway along the Canal du Midi could last a few hours, or even a few days!
There are so many possibilities and you can plan your trip depending on what you're looking for. Whether you are an experienced cyclist or looking for a family adventure, you're guaranteed to find a solution to suit you.

From Toulouse to Thau lagoon, the Canal du Midi is 240 km long. To go as far as Sète, you'll need to add on 18 km.

More experienced cyclists will opt for the entire route! If you cover 50 km per day, you'll need at least 5 days to go from Toulouse to Sète. To make the most of the surrounding area, stop off in the towns and villages on the way, admire the engineering structures and just take your time, you'll need a week or two and you'll be able to really embrace your Canal du Midi experience!

There are some short loop trails to explore the Canal du Midi and see some of the iconic sites, ranging from 12 km to 35 km, so there's something for everyone.

In two or three days, you can explore some sections of the Canal du Midi. Why not come back each year and explore another section?

Routes and durations (route planner)

Find out about the distances between the canal must-sees and the estimated time needed so you can plan your trip. You will also find information about the number of kilometres and the type of path!

Preparing for your cycle ride along the Canal du Midi

Check your equipment and plan your route

For a successful cycling trip, you need the right equipment, and in good condition. If you are looking to cycle for more than just a few hours, opt for a hybrid bike or a mountain bike.

In any case, before leaving on a bike ride or longer trip, make sure you check your brakes, your lights, the gears are working correctly and your tyre pressure!

Where and how can I hire a bike on the Canal du Midi?

If you don't have your own bike or you'd simply like a well-equipped bike in perfect condition, hiring a bike could be a better option for you.

Bearing in mind that not every route is a loop, some bike hire companies will give you the option to return your bike to a different location to your departure point.

If you are planning a trip over several days and you would like to travel light, some companies offer a luggage transfer service, from one location to another.

Your bags will be picked up from your departure point from 9am, and will be delivered to your next place of accommodation before 5 or 6pm.

Bike hire along the Canal du Midi and companies offering luggage transfer services

Accommodation and services with the 'Accueil Vélo' label, for a top-quality trip

'Accueil Vélo' is a national certification awarded to establishments offering quality services for cyclists: accommodation, bike hire or repair, tourist attractions, etc. 

The services with the 'Accueil Vélo' label help cyclists find the establishments and services they need, less than 5 km from the Canal des Deux Mers by bike route, and they can be sure to expect top-quality.  

Find all the practical information and search for these service providers on this page!

Vélo le long du canal du Midi avec bateau

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