Télécommande d'éclusier canal du Midi, agent VNF

Who are we?

This is the website for the Canal du Midi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This is the official Canal du Midi website, and the place to come to find out all about the canal: its history, heritage, tourism, latest news, management, how it is run on a daily basis and so much more.

Voies Navigables de France, 
in charge of managing the canal and the website

Voies Navigables de France is in charge of managing the Canal du Midi. It is a state-owned public establishment responsible for the maintenance, operation and development of navigable canals and rivers, and for showcasing and developing the public inland waterway domain. VNF works in partnership with local authorities and the French State, with sustainable development in mind for territorial development.

This website is managed by Voies Navigables de France together with the members of the Entente pour le Canal du Midi and tourism professionals. 

Canal du Midi : who does what ?

Entente pour le Canal du Midi

This organisation comprises the State (Occitanie region prefecture), Voies Navigables de France, the Occitanie regional council and the four local councils for the departments along the route: Aude, Haute-Garonne, Hérault and Tarn.

It was created in 2018 to coordinate initiatives for protecting and showcasing the Canal du Midi. The tourism professionals who are members of the Entente are the Comité Régional du Tourisme et des Loisirs d’Occitanie (regional committee for tourism and leisure in Occitanie), tourism agencies and local tourism committees in Aude, Haute-Garonne, Hérault and Tarn

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