Ecluse de Gardouch - VNF, Sylvain Cambon

Gardouch lock
and the segmental arch bridge

Gardouch lock is a unique chamber lock on the Canal du Midi, in the town of Gardouch. It was built in around 1670, and is 173 m above sea level. This major stopover on the canal is popular for its beautiful scenery.

Gardouch lock

The lock and lock keeper's house

You are guaranteed to enjoy a visit to the beautiful Gardouch lock. This is such a beautiful, scenic place with the simple lock, early 19th-century lock keeper's house, red brick arched bridge and quaint 19th century port!

The segmental arch bridge

The surroundings of Gardouch lock also boast another special feature. Look a bit closer at the bridge... It is a beautiful example of a segmental arch bridge. This construction provides boats with greater height above the abutments.

The keystone of the bridge was originally decorated with the Languedoc coat-of-arms. But this feature was removed during the French Revolution.

Agals port and economic development in Gardouch

In the 17th century, Agals port played a key role in the economic development of Gardouch, as it was used as a shipping port for grain and straw produced in the Toulouse region and in Languedoc. Nearby Villefranche was also able to benefit from this prosperity!

Have you noticed the former flour mill on Quai Riquet? This building was built in 1813, and is a reminder of the importance of Agals port at this time. It has now been renconverted into a third place.

The ideal stopover to explore Gardouch and the surrounding area

Gardouch lock is the perfect stopover! Enjoy this rural place to take a relaxing break from your bike ride or boat trip.

There is also a 7.2 km walk from this lock, to explore Gardouch and the surrounding area, including the monument in tribute to boatmen in the village cemetery. You can also go and admire the nearby Hers aqueduct (1688), flanked by two weirs (1773).

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The nearby village of Villefranche-de-Lauragais is also worth a detour.

Just like Sanglier lock, Gardouch lock is a perfect illustration of criterion 2 of the Canal du Midi classification as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This selection criteria is concerned with technological innovation, architectural beauty and landscapes created.